Sheila Hansberger, NWS, WW – 2018 Featured Artist

Even as a child, Sheila Hansberger had an appetite for art, so when it came time for college, adopting art as her major was a no-brainer. In the early years of marriage, she free-lanced from home, developing logos and advertising campaigns for various clients. Eventually, she accepted a position as a graphic artist for a local printing firm.

In her spare hours, she attended classes in photography, drawing, ceramics, and oil painting. Although proficient in each of these mediums, she discovered a love for watercolor in 1978 and went on to teach watercolor classes and enter national art competitions. As a result, she was awarded Signature Membership in the National Watercolor Society (NWS) in 1984 and Watercolor West (WW) in 1986.

“Most of my paintings are preceded by elaborate sketches. I occasionally use my own photographs, but photos alone won’t tell me everything I need to know, so I draw from the actual subject whenever possible,” says Sheila. This is not only true of her still life artworks, which were featured in an article in American Artist Magazine, but also applies to paintings of historical buildings like the ones in the permanent collection of the Museum of Redlands.

Hansberger’s award-winning paintings can be found in private and public collections, including Redlands Community Hospital, Mt. San Jacinto College, the National Orange Show, and the San Bernardino County Museum. Click here to visit Sheila’s website.