2024 Grant Applications 

Welcome to all who wish to apply for a Redlands Festival of Arts grant. The following discussion explains our mission and provides instructions for the grant application process.


The Redlands Festival of Arts is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing access to a broad spectrum of arts experiences and supporting youth arts education in our community.

 Application Process

To apply for an RFA grant:
1. Send a grant application  Letter of Intent by March 15, 2024, to David Schepps, RFA Grant Director, at: [email protected] stating how the applicant meets the RFA grant award criteria provided below:
2. The RFA executive committee will review the Letter of Intent and will send an RFA Grant Application Form to those invited  to apply for a grant.
3. Invitees should then complete the provided RFA Grant Application Form and return it to David Schepps at the same email address (above) by no later than March 31, 2024.
Please note that all grants awarded and the amount of each grant are strictly at the purview of the RFA Executive Committee.

Grant Criteria

In the letter of intent, the RFA Executive Board will consider how the applicant addresses the following criteria:
1. Serving underserved student populations.
2. Why the applicant needs the grant funds.
3. Number of students being served.
4. Highest impact to students in learning about and skill development in the arts.
5. Students being served within the Redlands Unified School District boundaries.
6. Applicant has 501(c)3 status.

Congratulations To The 2023 Festival Grant Winners

Festival Sponsors and Festival Event proceeds led to the awarding of arts grants to the  Boys & Girls Club of Redlands,  the Micah House Arts Program,  the Redlands Art Association’s Youth Education Program and the Redlands Educational Partnership (REP) Foundation’s AAA Academy.  Festival Grants help these organizations provide art experiences, education and supplies to local youth participating in their programs.